Breath of the Wild Shrine Puzzles: A Legend of Zelda Escape Room

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About the Activity

In this one-time activity, students will explore a digital escape room of critical thinking, logic, and trivia puzzles, inspired by Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Students will explore the wilderness of Hyrule, battle Calamity Ganon, and solve puzzles similar to those in the hit Nintendo game. This activity has been created in PowerPoint, and the students will navigate back and forth through the different slides (or "rooms"), working to complete all the challenges before time runs out.

These puzzles are based on the Shrine Quests in Breath of the Wild, and they will encourage students to work together, employ problem-solving strategies, and test their creativity and observational skills.

55 mins per class

1-5 Learners per claa

8 - 13
£14.00 per session
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