Mega Kickers 5 - 7 yr olds

About the Club

Little Kicks is the perfect introduction to the fun world of Little Kickers. Children are introduced to the basics of football (dribbling, striking, goal scoring etc.) in a play-oriented yet structured format, using child-friendly but realistic footb...

About the Activity

Mega Kickers is the culmination of the preceding age groups. It brings together all the skills learnt and introduces them into real football matches. Children continue to develop the social and cognitive skills as well as honing their football skills, putting them to use at the end of each session during the 20-minute match. There is a focus on fair play, as well as a focus on knowledge, understanding and practical application of the rules of play.

Clapham Common Westside - Opposite end of Broxash Rd
5 - 7
£40.00 per monthly

Saturday 12:30 - 13:15

Where is it?

Clapham Common Westside - Opposite end of Broxash Rd