Weekend Social Sessions

About the Club

GHAP Badminton Club

GHAP was founded in 2003 with funding from the Gay Health Alliance Project. Whilst our name came from the project that set us up; we've rebranded the acronym to stand for Gay, Healthy, And Proud. Since then GHAP Badminton Club has continued to dev...

About the Activity

Our social sessions are for all abilities.

We play doubles with plastic shuttles provided by the club.

​There are 4 courts available and the games are all self-organised so, if there's a free court, jump on and play with lots of different people.

​We encourage members to play with people of varying abilities so everyone gets a range of games.

​We don't provide badminton rackets, so make sure you bring one along with you as well as wearing appropriate clothing and footwear.


1 HR - £2.50

2 HRS - £3.50

3 HRS - £4.50


1 HR  - £4.00

2 HRS - £5.00

3 HRS - £6.00

Trinity Sports Centre, Cambridge St, Hulme, Manchester
18 - 95
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Saturday 10:00 - 13:00