Restorative yoga & Yoga Nidra (via zoom and in studio)

About the Club

Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing

"We've created a sanctuary to nurture, inspire and empower you"

Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing is a mindfulness and wellbeing hub in North Yorkshire, with leading teachers in yoga, pilates, meditation, and tai-chi.

About the Activity

A deeply relaxing, meditative class that restores the body and through the deep relaxation paradoxically it helps energise and heal the body and is followed with Yoga Nidra. Nidra means sleep this is the state we enter between wakefulness and sleep, when profound relaxation, release of chronic stress and deep transformation can occur.

Online catch up sessions are available for anyone who books on their website

Bookings and pricing can be found in different affordable tiers and memberships which can be accessed on their website.

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15 - 95
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Thursday 11:55 - 12:55