Scratch Coding - Create an L.O.L Dance Party

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About the Activity

We will learn how to code using the software scratch to create an animated LOL surprise party!


6-10 year olds


No experience necessary.


 We will use the program 'scratch' to create an animated LOL surprise party with sounds. No experience of scratch necessary.


Students will be taught:

How to create a scratch project

How to add sprites

How to animate sprites

How to add music


55 Minutes Class and 3-6 Learners per class  


It will be a very interactive session- I will work with you to build your party and we will share our screens with others too.


You should have scratch installed ready to use for class. I suggest that you install it and open it prior to class to ensure there are no problems. You should have a laptop or desktop pc to work on and screen sharing will be necessary to ensure students are all accessing the instructions well and progressing together.


The free coding app Scratch Jr, should be downloaded before class. 

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6 - 10
£20.00 per session
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