Neck & Shoulder Release & Relaxation, Sunday's - 21.30

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Friends Pilates

Friends Pilates - Pilates for everyone, because everyone needs a little Pilates in their life! Friends Pilates vision is to make Pilates affordable and accessible to everyone. Classes are unpretentious and fun, where like-minded ‘real-people’ work...

About the Activity

This is a great little 15-minute session is a real tonic for those who are feeling stressed and tense. This will be particularly of benefit if you have been sitting at a desk all day or hunched up over your phone too long. This blissful session will completely relax your neck and shoulders.

The session can be completed whilst lying on the floor, or seated and supported against a wall. All you will need is a bed pillow that is soft and supportive. The session lasts 15 minutes and will leave you feeling completely relaxed.

07919 367386
18 - 80
£3.00 per session

Sunday 21:30 - 21:45